In 1999, JCYC was awarded a planning grant (TERI) and a California Student Opportunity and Access program (Cal-SOAP) grant from the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) to serve students in the San Francisco Unified School District. As a part of the CSAC mission, we identify, select, and assist low-income youth who have the potential to be the first generation of their family to continue in and graduate from high school and enroll in a 4-year college or university.
Our services focus on coordination, enhancement, and collaboration, and we work closely with SFUSD, local universities, and community based organizations to deliver financial aid and academic advising for students in San Francisco.

We serve the following school sites: George Washington High School, Academy of Arts and Sciences, Mission High School, Burton High School, and Thurgood Marshall High School.


Academic Advising and College Preparation: Information about high school graduation and college admission requirements, personalized college exploration guidance, and finding the best college fit.

College Application Assistance: Personal and group college application workshops during college application season (August-January).

Financial Aid Information and Advising: College affordability presentations, financial aid application workshops, scholarship and loan advising, and financial aid award package review sessions.

Personal Statement & Writing Workshops: College and scholarship essay writing development based on UC and private school college admission standards.

Information and Assistance with College Entrance Exams: Guidance on which college entrance exams to take (SAT I, SAT II, ACT, TOEFL, ELM/EPT). If eligible, fee waivers are available for the registration costs.

College Campus Tours: College exploration opportunities via trips to local and out-of-town colleges and universities.

Bilingual Services: Services and reading materials are available in Spanish and Chinese.

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Attend one of the target school sites or reside in the target area.
Have completed the fifth grade or is at least 11 years old and not older than 27

Identify as low income and/or be from a family where neither parent with whom they live has a 4-year college degree

Complete a Student/Parent Form & submit necessary information to verify income

FRequently Asked Questions 

Am I eligible for SFCAC?
Please refer to the eligibility section of this page.

How long will I be considered to be a SFCAC student?
Our students receive services from point of entry into JCYC SFCAC through the completion of their senior year of high school.

Where does SFCAC meet?
Each school site will have different meeting and workshop times and dates. Refer to your respective college and career center advisor to see which dates and times they are available.

When can I join SFCAC?
Join any time when school is in session! Ask your counselor or college and career center where you can join.