College Access Programs

Our Mission

JCYC College Access Programs connect historically underserved youth with comprehensive and culturally competent college access services. By partnering with local public schools throughout San Francisco and Daly City, JCYC College Access Programs are able to serve income-qualified students, many of whom will be first in their families to attend college. JCYC College Access Programs are comprised of JCYC Educational Talent Search (ETS), JCYC Upward Bound (UB), and the San Francisco College Access Center (SFCAC).

All services offered by JCYC College Access Programs are completely free.

Our Programs

JCYC Educational Talent Search is a federally-funded TRIO program that identifies, selects and assists low-income youth ages 11 and older that have the potential to be the first generation in their family to attend college.
JCYC Upward Bound is a federally-funded TRIO program that provides first generation college-bound students from low-income backgrounds with the encouragement, preparation and skills needed to succeed in college and in life.
SFCAC is a state-funded Cal-SOAP program that strives to provide culturally competent, comprehensive college preparation information and assistance. SFCAC targets students who are low-income and the first of their family to attain post-secondary education.





Served Yearly

Enroll in Post Secondary Education

Complete Financial Aid Application

College Tour and Sociocultural
Field Trips Taken Yearly

Cash For College

Each winter, hundreds of students/parents attend the many Cash for College workshops at local high schools around the city. Cash for College is an initiative of the California Student Aid Commission and is geared at educating families about their financial options for funding a college education.

Middle School Career Days

Every spring, different individuals representing traditional (such as nurses, lawyers) and nontraditional (such as actors, DJs) career fields visit JCYC ETS middle schools to share their educational backgrounds and work experiences.

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